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Cool and quiet while the world around sleeps,
Trees quietly whisper, sweet nothings undone...
As creatures of day retire to their keeps
No one around save the occasional someone...
Street lamps shed light on places often traveled
But cast shadows on those tar'd, chipped, and graveled.
The docit tones of crickets sing
A melodious nocturne as birds
Tuck their heads beneath wing.
Dark hands choke the sky, hiding the moon.
I stare up and watch, hoping it will end soon.
I plead to be reunited with the moons pale embrace
To feel its comforting rays illuminating this dark space
Staring across dark water a feeling rises
Growing out of my mind, a brief thought of chrisis...
I jump, plunging into the dark abyss
The cold dark water wrapping its wet absess
'Round my entire form, no fighting will save
Me from my move to choose this watery grave.
I was walking home from the pool at my college after having a fight with a friend and I stopped to admire the scenery and this started coming to mind.
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September 7, 2011
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